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Commit Today to Take the 30-Day Challenge, Starve Your Eyes and Walk in Freedom From Sin!

Today is the day! Get started on the path towards a porn-free, lust-free life!

We’re here to help and getting started is easy. Simply agree to take the 30-Day Challenge by clicking the button below and entering your first name and email address.

After you agree to take the challenge you’ll receive an introductory email from us (be sure to check your spam folder as it may go in there by accident).

Tomorrow you’ll receive the first of 30 emails that will provide you with daily encouragement as a way to help you take steps daily to starve your eyes and find a life free of porn and lust!

Bouncing and starving your eyes sounds easy enough, but there’s more to it then you realize; your heart is involved, your faith is involved, your mind is involved. Your understanding of sexual purity will be increased as you develop Godly habits.

Did you know that the Bible tells us be encouraged every day in order not to sin? Every day! (Hebrews 3:13). You’re breaking a sinful habit. You’ll need encouragement every day in order to do this. We want to encourage you every day for the next thirty days when you take the challenge.

Take the challenge – We DARE you! Starve your eyes for 30 days and change your life and the lives of those around you.

*Please note you should receive your initial email about 24 hours after signing up and you will receive your next emails at about the same time each day. Please also confirm the two emails you may receive to ensure your Challenge emails are not delayed.


What Are People Saying?

Thank you…for the daily encouragement to live right. It’s working.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just wanted to say I love what you’re doing. So powerful.

Thank you.

This is outstanding!  Thanks.

Thank you for the help. The verse of the day is a big help.

Thanks, you guys for helping us.

Thank you for these daily e-mails of encouragement.
I appreciate your effort to help me change my wrongful habit.

Has anyone mentioned how incredible this idea is to do this challenge?  My husband will be doing it with our son.  You guys are CHANGING LIVES!  How can I thank you enough?  (Yes, through support 🙂  )  You guys make a difference.  And there is a ripple effect going out from those you’re making a difference to.  I am beyond grateful for you all.

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