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As  a woman, there are several ways that you can support the man in your life for the 30 days that he is taking this challenge. We fully realize that it is not your responsibility to fix his purity. So, we invite you to express your support for the man in your life as he strives to free himself from unhealthy patterns that have affected you and your family. He can be emboldened by your assurance that you want him to succeed; you are for him. And we pray that your role of courageous support for your man will deepen mutual compassion for each of you. It is our hope that these would become lifelong habits for you and him after the 30 days:

  • PRAY for the man in your life who is taking this challenge, and encourage his praying as well. The power of prayer can change things.
  • ABSTAIN from looking at impure material yourself. This includes viewing pornography in any format and extends to avoiding sexual movies like Magic Mike, 50 Shades of Grey, etc. and reading romantic fantasy novels.
  • DRESS MODESTLY to ensure you are not a stumbling block to men who are trying to starve their eyes.
  • AFFIRM the man in your life for his efforts, and his victories. Let him know that his efforts emphasize how much he cares about you and your relationship.
  • THANK him for honoring you by guarding his eyes.
  • TELL him how safe it makes you feel to know he’s taking steps to protect your relationship.
  • OFFER healthy connection points with him which can come in the form of a smile, warmth, appreciation, touch, hand-holding, a warm embrace, or affection as appropriate.
  • ASSURE him that you are working through the process of forgiveness.
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