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If you think that you don’t struggle with your eyes or your sexual integrity simply because you avoid pornography, don’t visit strip clubs, and don’t watch sexually explicit movies, you might be fooling yourself. The struggle with your eyes extends far beyond those things.

Take the self-assessment test below for a more accurate assessment of how you are doing in this area.

  • Do you look more than once when you see an attractive woman in public?
  • Do you find yourself being pulled to look at sexual images, or women, that are around you during the day? Billboards? Joggers? Drivers?
  • Do you lock on to an attractive woman when she comes near you?
  • When you’re on a news website, do you struggle with not looking at the sexual ad banners or suggestive posts?
  • Do you struggle with trying not to look at sexual images on TV (commercials, movies, TV shows)?
  • Do you seek out sexually arousing articles or photo spreads in newspapers or magazines?
  • When you’re standing in line at the grocery store, do you look more than once at the fitness and tabloid magazines with scantily clad women on the covers?
  • Do you have a private place or secret compartment that you keep hidden from your wife?
  • Has someone caught you looking at a woman in public (your wife, friend, family member, or the woman herself)?
  • Do you have behaviors that you won’t share with your wife?
  • Are some places more of a struggle than other places with your eyes? The gym? The beach?
  • Are there certain locations at your work or office where you struggle with your eyes? Where the female employee or intern’s desk is?
  • Do you frequent porn-related sites online?
  • Do you watch movies or sexy videos for gratification?
  • Do you struggle with looking at a woman in the eyes rather than other parts of her body?
  • Do you find yourself looking up certain words on the internet in the image search engines to see what comes up?
  • Does the struggle with your eyes sometimes feel like a hopeless battle?

If you answered yes to any one of these, you really need to take the 30-Day Challenge to starve your eyes. Click here to sign up for the 30-Day Challenge.

If you answered yes to two or three of these, you really need to take the 30-Day Challenge and you should read the book, “Every Man’s Battle.” Click here to sign up for the challenge and order the book.

Click here to have someone contact you for additional help beyond our 30-Day Challenge.

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