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Bouncing the Eyes
Whether you realize it or not, you’re already bouncing your eyes. You’re bouncing your eyes towards sexual and sensual images and you may or may not realize it. This is a reflex you’ve developed over time that needs to be changed. For example, you’re driving down the road on your way to work, out of the corner of your eye you see the figure of a jogger across the street. Your eyes reflexively bounce toward the figure to look. To change this habit you need to bounce your eyes away from the sexual, sensual image immediately. The new habit you want to develop is “when your eyes bounce towards, bounce your eyes away, IMMEDIATELY!”

Starving the Eyes
Lust is never satisfied. The more you lust, the more your appetite is increased for what you’re lusting after. Looking at one sexual or sensual image isn’t enough. You look at one then, you want more…and more….and more. When you bounce your eyes away, you’ll begin to starve your eyes as well. And as you starve your eyes, you’ll begin to lower your appetite for sexual images.

Bouncing and Starving your Eyes
Hopefully you’re starting to see the connection. The more you bounce your eyes away, the more you’ll starve your eyes. And the more your eyes are starved, the less bouncing away you’ll have to do because you’re lowering your appetite for sexual images. So, bouncing your eyes leads to starving your eyes. And starving your eyes leads to less need to bounce your eyes.

So how does a man “Starve his Eyes“?

The most obvious ways are to avoid all types of pornography – online, printed, strip clubs, topless bars etc. But it goes much deeper than this. It means things like:

    • Change the channel when something comes on that is sexually provocative
    • Don’t check out ladies when they come into your line of vision; instead, re-direct your eyes
    • Go out of your way to not look at the lingerie store windows in the mall
    • Toss out the ads with scantily clad women
    • Avoid suggestive photos on magazine covers in grocery stores
    • Don’t watch movies that might have sexually explicit content or nudity
  • Eat somewhere other than Hooters or bars
  • Order an online filter like Covenant Eyes and check your router settings
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