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If someone were to ask your friends, family members, or co-workers if you lived a radical life, what would they say? If they were asked if you were different what would they say? Would they say that there’s something different about you? The way you live your life? The way you look and interact with women?

If you’re a Christian…if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ…then you’re different. Your heart’s been radically changed! But does the radical change that’s occurred in your heart spill out into your everyday life? If someone didn’t know you, but was around you for a while, would they be able to tell a difference?

We live in a sex saturated culture that bombards us with sexual and sensual images multiple times a day. How do we fight back? How do we show the world around us that we’re different? Take the 30-day challenge. Fight back! Live out the difference that’s already in your heart. Dare to be different.

After 30 days you can expect:

  • A strengthened, closer relationship with God
  • Freedom from shame, however large or subtle, that comes from what you’re viewing or simply your wandering eyes
  • To honor your wife by giving her 100% of your sexual energy
  • To strengthen your character and sexual integrity
  • To identify your greatest temptations and to know how to handle them
  • Confidence to say “no” when men want you to join in “harmless” activities that you know won’t honor God
  • To serve as a godly example to those around you
  • The peace of mind of living with sexual integrity
  • The start of a lifelong habit of starving your eyes
  • To identify whether your habits control you or if you can control your habits
  • Victory
  • Forgiveness
  • Redemption
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